Good Friday to all. Feeling wonderful and that is all, hoping i can spread love. From above i get my feelin i hope this world can get some healin. So many just died in Kenya its a damn shame why so many just wanna bring pain. On a day when the one true peacemaker is remembered why are so many self centred? Life is so precious why they wanna waste it. Feel so good i can taste it. Wouldnt it be so cool  if there was no more war and the rich split everything with the poor? Every body happy imagine that? A smile on every face that you pass and the knowledge that this good feeling will last. I know this is an unlikely dream i know that but hey i can dream right. We could all be tight, no enemies only friends, i am asking for too much i know but it is the way to go. A smile goes a long long way from me to you day to day its the way. Am i tripping ? Am i high? Wanting world happiness is my cry. And by and by i will be smiling till the day i die.