If i arrive late i say i aint perfect, matter of fact i am imperfect and proud to admit that. I pay my bills late i aint great i am imperfect. Perfection is not in my reality no matter what people say there will never be a day for perfect. Perfect body is a joke, its all mirrors and smoke and i am not fooled for a minute. Not here to win it, the perfect prize is unwise to look in it, fools gold all old news i refuse to believe it. My responsibility to me is to stay imperfect and be free to embrace me. So i do and if you dont like it fuck you. You do not have a clue what the hell i been through, just to be here tellin you how i do. When i chased paper on a daily i used to wonder was it worth it that is because i am imperfect. That perfect life you might chase cos u believe it brother you dont need it. That perfect body is not even a reality open your eyes and truly see what it is to be, a dream fed to your subconscious, dont need it, dont feed it, look into your own self you are worth it because you are imperfect. Had a smoke or two put that back in the pocket it does not define who i am cos my Lord has a plan and i live happy to be me i know i am worth it because i am imperfect.

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