Politics As Usual

Non stop work now am in the final design stage of this job. I have searched so many grey rugs, and pictures followed by the same in orange it has not been easy. The time is imminent so i will have to make final decisions. I have a full package arranged and just waiting for payment info so it is literally a button press away. Just waiting for that day. I have been dealing with government bureaucracy recently and it has been a little draining but i am still on top of my game. Also with my solicitor, always something right? My hands are in an constant pain and my neck sometimes joins the party. Over the years i have have become accustomed to dealing with everyday pain of one sort or another. Parliament was closed today as Britain begins 10 weeks of campaigning from all the parties that want a say in controlling the future of Britain. Be prepared for smoke and mirrors as politics saturates news shows during the run in to the election. Although austerity is needed and appears to work for well off already people, the poor are being dealt out of life. It seems the time is right for change. A  lot of people i actually know are being directly affected by the bedroom tax and it is so unfair i hope the tories are on the way out. No money for people needing legal aid so a mother cannot fight to get her children with her. Going back to modern rugs,  hoping to see “that one” night


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  1. Ugh, don’t even get me started on the social injustices of our capitalistic system now running amok. As the rich-people-filled legislators/governments remove more and more restraints on the financial system, little stands in the way of corporations pursuing pure and immediate profit – the future be damned!

    I’m sure you’ve heard that here in America, the land of extreme individualism, corporations were ruled to be “individuals”, just like real individuals. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. You can imagine what societal damage is going to result from this. It’s truly frightening for all of us that aren’t wealthy.

    On a different note: How’s your recovery going?

    I’m curious what it’s like to recover from such a critical surgery because I fear I may someday need something similar. (I have chronic headaches that seem related to cervical instability)

    It seems to me that physical recovery starts out with dramatic improvements, but then slows down and then all you can do is trudge through the days. Everyone is helpful at first, but their interest fades as the novelty wears off (I don’t blame them at all since it’s not *their* pain or problem). They get back to “normal life” while you’re still far from your “normal life”.

    You say you still have pain like before surgery – what do the docs say about that? My mom had spine surgery to fix a ruptured disk, and as soon as the anesthesia wore off, the excruciating pain that had left her completely bed bound for over 3 months was gone and she was able to walk again. Apparently this is common in successful spine surgeries. I know your surgery was mainly to make sure you didn’t lose the use of your legs, but did they tell you what to expect regarding the pain?

    (I was just composing this when I received notification of your new post!)

    1. Well the pain in my hands and arms remains but now my neck and shoulders are involved. I am guessing it will settle soon. The muscle wasting on my arms will not change. My arms and shoulders are like twigs. Every one goes back to their normal life and u r left to get on with your new normal, keep smiling

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