He lurks in the shadow hiding in the dark he is desperate not too be seen.                                                                        I stand up high with the phone out and proud gonna make me a deal, schhhh, not too loud                                          We are doing the same thing different way, its like night and day, the way we play.                                                       Find you parked in McDonalds early evening shadow nearly worked for you, nearly passed you.                                  At the last second out the corner of my eye seen the writing on your jeep DAI, stopped car with my brother and told him bye. Ran over to you laughing jumped in the jeep asked what you doin, you seemed guilty as you give me your reply. Your man couldnt do it i that can be a bitch, “you look better than when i last seen you have you finished with the booze, yes ? so now you only use. Yes i am scoring but dont be rushing me, lets go to mine make a call and we will see. You really should relax and enjoy it always rushing round trying to be secretive when we all have to live, so you do a stone whats the worst thing ending up skint. You look way better than when you was drinking do not be thinking. I have to be quiete your misssus on the phone what you gotta go, sorry for laughing as you hurry out the door it was good to see you pity its not more, really, take care.                                                      I guess we both enjoy it just as much as each other i say, we just do it in a different way. Enjoy and be on your way.

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