My head needs to rest, i am a mess i guess i think too much, still not got an answer                                                       To all the questions my sub concious asks. Always angry at stories i am seeing                                                               I thought days of slavery was abolished but look at the USA and every other day                                                          Another black man is killed by those in authority are you seriously telling me                                                                Every death is justified? Is it right so many mothers cried ? There is war going on in Syria                                         Africa even Europe in the Ukraine, i dont know who is to blame some say the central bank                                          Is the puppeteer its unclear to me but it is worrying. In the land of the free brothers just like me                              Are being wiped out indiscriminately. Slavery gave us a complex which we carried heavily but it seems                   That nobody learned the lesson cos just look what went on in Ferguson. Zimmerman did nothing wrong                   What? I hope that something can be done about the injustice in 2015, i mean c’mon it is so wrong. We are never all going to get along but that is common sense see sense before civil war becomes an ugly reality. Lessons need to be learned before its all burned to the ground and what would that achieve really? My head needs a rest it is all too much, this is 2015, Martin had his dream and i dream it can be rescued soon.


One thought on “WAR

  1. When I read the Justice Dept Report this morning in the New York Times, I was absolutely appalled. I live in the San Francisco Bay area, where we sometimes seem to have more immigrants than natives and where “white” could be a minority in many settings – especially in high tech, where I worked in a marvelously integrated merit-based environment.

    Living here, it’s easy to forget the noxious presence of racism… but then hearing about how things are in the South makes me realize how backwards we still are. It all sounds so “3rd world” and corrupt, it’s hard to believe it’s happening in 21st century America.

    From all the biographies I read of people from all over the world, I’ve come to realize that racism is a pernicious rot in society, corrupting people’s hearts and minds, while allowing them to feel justified in their petty feelings of superiority.

    I was shocked to find how much we are all affected. A Harvard study found that all of us (yes, including black/brown folks) harbor prejudice. If you think you’re immune (as I was sure I was), try taking this “Implicit Association Test” from Harvard University:

    Now, as I read the news in our world, I’m more aware than ever how differently life looks when you’re not white, how every transaction is colored (pardon the pun) by, even if not obvious, subconscious racism. As I drive around, run errands, and interact with the public, I’m aware of so many situations that would turn out quite differently if we weren’t white.

    My husband and I can drive or walk around in any neighborhood at just about any time of the day or night and not get harassed. We can be pulled over for traffic infractions and try to talk our way out of a ticket. Cops are friendly to us, would certainly help us if we were in trouble, and we can assume we’ll be treated fairly. We’ve come to understand that these are all the privileges of being white, and that our black/brown brothers and sisters are living in a parallel universe of disrespect, abuse, and well justified fear.

    I hate to think that non-whites have to put up with treatment that I could protest, that they have to remain silent and can be indiscriminately abused at will by law enforcement, which is supposed to protect citizens. If I were being treated like this, I would be terrified to be out in public at all, so I’ve come to admire non-whites for their courage and strength in facing this nightmare every day.

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