Cant stop,know not why, what the fuck am i s’posed to do? cry. My hands in pain my neck hurt too. No matter what comes my way i push on thru. So many gone rip i am still here i am just me. My Lord seen fit to keep me around even though so many aint i recognise and keep on straight. I sometimes worry i cant lie but my nature is to worry i still get by. Got mad responsibilities that help keep me up even though some days i get stuck. Not come across a situation that made me give up am i just too tough or just that rough that i dont ever give in, man i dont know.  I play the game of life and i play well, got morals that suit know heaven and hell. Just cos i do this dont mean that you should follow, you seen an example so you have a good insight, i do wrong so you do right. I love life wether i am good or bad, i love spending time on this earth every day is a blessing, every day the world keeps us guessing. We see madness kindness inspiring situations and people forever give us reasons to question what we know, in all this we grow.


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