I cant remember the year but it was a long time ago. After a night club that i used to frequent regularly, i recall, and i will not be drawn from my point. I was in a house with my friend and two girls and one of the girls put on the film”Purple Rain” with Prince. We all sat and watched it together, i loved it and have followed since. First cd bought by me was “Sign o the Times” not got it now before you ask, when i bought it i was in the queue and i was counting my money before i got to the till. I was in HMV M/C City centre when i reached the counter the lad said it was nearly twenty quid i thought it would be about a tenner. I did not want to pay twenty but there was a queue behind me and the lad was waiting so i panicked and paid the twenty pounds. I was wounded, joke, but once home i f-in loved it. It was so hard and yet so soft it was a wicked album of the time. In the end it is in a good home cos although she is a nutter she loves Prince. My next and last album i paid for was the triple set cd Emancipation. Still got it and still play it once a month or so probably loud on a Saturday. Love it. My next two albums cos i had gone through a time when i think he was only releasing music online and i wasnt up 2 speed. Then 2 albums free in Sunday Newspapers. Not at the same time i dont know if i bought the paper or nicked the album from the newspaper. Got em both Planet Earth and 2010. Play them both then online a few weeks back i heard of two new albums released near last October. Got them both. Play Art Official Age more than 3rd Eye Girl i dont have the cd but i put it as a playlist in Free Spotify. Play it every time i am online. It is wicked so back to his best,,, i think, so many tunes on it it is defo one of the best. I have tried to refrain from mentionimg any specific tracks from each album as i would have just gone on naming too many but this album, Breakfast Can Wait along with the whole album. It was about thirty years ago when i watched Purple Rain and this guy keeps keeps getting better and better, i love this album, and the way the way i get my music is two worlds apart. Video, tv, cd, free cd, online playlist, i dont have a cd, would like one actually.

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