If u survive long enuff in life you will encounter good and u will have to go thru bad,                  Its all a part of life like being happy and sometime   being sad. I had to go thru some good    To get to the piece of time that brought me down. I had sold a lot of dope and never got caught, now i sold no longer and was safe or so i thought. Had to sell my property oh well     At least the time was perfect for me to sell, made 23G on the deal 91 – 06 price had nearly doubled, sick. I had no reason to deal again i was too busy smokin to get in again. Laying low i was getting my smoke on i had money to burn hard headed i never learn. Not long before i was running low so i had to go, meet a dealer name Mike. Had a teenth ov B stashed on me wanted to cop a couple rocks keep my party mode locked.

Dealer couldnt come to me so i had to drive couple blocks, picked up my car keys and smoked the last of my rocks. It was a warm summer day im feeling so cool, money in my pocket car shining like jewels off to meet a boy never knew id catch the blues.                               Arrive early to the spot a little too eager sat on a wall admiring some beaver, ride pulls up fast some bitch asks me who im waitin on, “not you fool why dont you be gone”                          Now we all know the saying curiousity killed the cat what happened to me was exactly that. Should have minded my own business and carried on the wait but the need to know                Inside me was too great. I looked over to the corner saw two junkies hovering together           Walked over to em asked them who they be waitin on, they said a girl i told em she be gone. I could have left it there what the fuck do i care? But oh no i had to be a hero.                    What you scoring? Two bags ov B u in luck i got that on me, i will do u two not havin a clue.   Done a quick shot and they was gone around the corner comes my man. Got a few stones and i hopped into my car heading home it wasnt far but as i turned out onto the road i picked up a follower, bright yellow van u couldnt miss it, shit. Turned left and then i did a right, yep it was still in sight. Stopped at a shop my brain now wizzing this was the beginning.

Waited for a while and i plugged my things so id be safe back in my ride and i was on my way. The tail had gone but it had ruined my day. My mind went round and round in circles    I know what i saw tried to work out my angles, from this day on i will keep everything clean and tidy so if they come i leave nothing behind me. Slowly but surely the days passed by till i forgot about the drama, was i tripping on the crack had i been smoking too much trying to get a clutch of what i could not touch?

If you know Ice T he did a track called 6 in the Morning there was i too early to be yawning. The door went through and i was swept into the back ov the van, few more stops few more mans. We all looking at each other i truly did not know why. All the others were my dealers i was on the wrong side. Kept my mouth shut as they put me in a cell, mind trying to think fucking hell. Twelve long hours before i could talk to a brief what he told me was beyond my belief. They had got me serving undercover cops i said have they fuck it aint me                   We went in a room and they put on a tv and there i was in living colour serving undercover. That day in the sun when i approached two fellow junkies camera set up above McClunkeys. They were trying to get the girl but i stepped into the operation imagine how i felt was it my imagination? No afraid not they had me bang to rights and they were gonna do their best to turn out my lights. I was trying to do a favour what a silly twat they looked like smackheads can u believe that? True story im afraid the only time i got caught when i wasnt even dealing sat in a cell fairly unbelieving the situation i was in but if you gonna do a sin there is a price to pay know it before u begin.


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