Got a new soundtrack for the weekend, Drizzy just dropped a new mixtape and he on fire. He is giving it out and i have to say i am impressed. So i am gonna make an attempt at change as it seems i was wrong in my thoughts. I am not sure how to go about this change but i will try. Everything is back to normal in my space, kids mom gone and we knew she would go back to the booze, what can you do? Help, clean her up and send her back out there, thats it. I been away from the stone and that is something i guess. I dont know what to think on now which sounds crazy i know but i am cool, just wafflin on paper. I am fine.


    1. Sorry about that. As I started to write As far as I should say anyone else goes you can only offer assistance. I have found out that you can only do but so much when it comes to another persons disease. The decision to stop has to come from them and them only. It is a desire the has to come from the inside. I am glad to read that you are still holding on tight and happy where you are. I congratulate you brother Keep up the great work.

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