I had the most amazing night last night. I saw the error of my ways. I have been kidding myself for so long. I let crack into my life and it nearly took my life. Jesus came to me last night and showed me the light. I know i have been doing wrong. My older children must have been hurt tremendously as must everybody that cared for me. On the one hand i am glad to have seen what is happening and on the other i am feeling bad for what i have let happen. Thank you Jesus


10 thoughts on “NEW DAY

  1. Crack doesn’t just go away. I hope and pray you thank the anointed every day and IF you relapse — LEARN and move forward. May God bless you with Love and His True Light.

    1. Just looking back on previous posts and came across this one plus comments, so I am thanking you belatedly. I am still going through this on off use of crack, unfortunately. Sometimes I go a couple of weeks without and then give in and have a few. Somedays I want to quit but others I don’t. I am confused I guess but thanks for your input Juan. I hope your book and other projects are going well for you.

  2. That spiritual awakening brother is the beginning of a great journey. It isn’t over now the real work begins. Stay strong brother. Get connected with a network for support. Life is sooooo much better clean. Crack almost killed me and If i allow it back into my life…IT WILL FINISH THE JOB!

    1. Still struggling Eric, I have not seen your stuff in a minute but I know you are good. I am ok. I am not manic with it, I cant afford it to tell truth, I mean who could afford to smoke every day right? I don’t graft or any thing cos of the kids obviously so I am ok. Take care brother Eric Ease.

      1. God bless you Drew. I have been so caught up in my world and all the new possibilities that are arising that I have been neglecting sharing on my blog. My apologies brother. I’m glad that you are still hanging in there. Addiction didn’t happen overnight, so recovery doesn’t either. Stay strong my friend. One day at a time. God’s got you covered. Peace and blessings brother.

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