Into Light

The dark still cold clear night, my comfort plain afraid of the light.
Feel cloaked with thick warm fleecy heat even though frost lays thick
Beneath my feet. No choice was made regarding favour
It is just who i am made from her labour, screaming, covered in blood
No fanfare betrayed my arrival, but right at minute one
I had begun my survival. As a cave carved from millennia of tide
I was formed, learned vanity and pride, my armour and shield
Take to battle always by my side. Moulded like clay formed
To create finest china, my dimensions were strewn no format
No care just haphazardly sewn, the silken purse and the ear
From the sow, the finished piece as i am now.
Best in the dark unwilling to be seen, my purpose unclear
But already so mean. Unkind to all especially myself, that
Not right piece left on the shelf. Darkness my ally i sit well
On my post guarding bad intention i will be your host.
Walk with me let me feed your wound let me give you my fear
And a side of malicious idea, walk beside me in the dark of our shame
We can spread much mischief and spoil their games.
Let me dwell in this darkness see familiar friends all touched by forces
Beyond our control all together now pick a role.
The vain, ignorant cold and unfeeling, whose main pleasure
To see nice bleeding, gushing our joy to see much pain
Hurt all we touch the only game, here spurred on by fear.
Fear of being found out so we hide in the shadows, fear of ourselves
Hoping nobody knows, not aware we can never hide our shame
God in his wisdom knows our game before it began
And always know He has a plan.
Life as it starts is never the end because once u find God
You have a forever friend. Challenge the shame and the fear
Come in to the light leave the darkness behind. The change inside
Wondrous amazing, divine inspiration a gift unparalleled
Life. Unparalleled. Beautiful spirtual inner shame a memory
How did i live so long on empty?


  1. This poem starts out so terribly dark, but in a remarkable turn-around, ends uplifting – I guess that’s how you feel about your life as well. Your optimistic spirit will give you courage and strength during your upcoming surgery and recuperation.

    “Come in to the light leave the darkness behind. The change inside
    Wondrous amazing, divine inspiration a gift unparalleled
    Life. Unparalleled.”


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