Back Soon

Off to hospital for pre op. Back later, love life


  1. The surgery you are facing is extremely complicated and I wouldn’t go ahead with it until you’re at peace with it. I was hoping to hear about the pre-op – now it sounds like something didn’t go well.

    1. Everything was ok i am healthy in every way but the nurse advised me to stop smoking crack. I amon day two but scared in case i slip up and i dont have anyone to converse with.

  2. I know you don’t have EDS, but many people with this disorder need their cervical vertebrae fused due to neck instability. You could read about their experiences with this kind of surgery on the EDS forum at if you search for “cervical fusion” (in quotes).

    If you can divulge more specific information about exactly what the problem is and what the surgery will accomplish, I’d be happy to see if I can find more specific information.

    We patients must advocate for ourselves these days, so the more you know, the better.

    1. I have had neck pain for years gp had me on painkillers. My hands went numb a year ago and gp said carpal tunnel. I got a neck xray and dr at hospital ordered mri scan. This led to appt with neurologist who showed me scan results and did tests. I have lost muscle mass on arms weakness on left side no feeling in left leg. Onto the surgeon who had me stand in front of him and close my eyes i toppled to left. He showed me a white spot on scan and said u wont get use of your hands back but you could lose use of legs without surgery. The spinal fluid canal has narrowed and this is causing nerve damage my vertabrae 4/5 are also damaged wear and tear apart from that i am not sure

    1. no once he said if i dont have surgery i lose use of legs that was me sold. i have just come off google and he has an excellent look about him, i was impressed with him. sofat specializes in brain tumours and has good reports as a neurosurgeon. i was feeling a bit low earlier maybe lack of drugs, end ov day 3 i will be fine, thankyou Zyp

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