Easy E

Well with Wendy taking up my thoughts yesterday i did not finish the “foil” situation. As i looked on wp today my spirit brother Eric wished me well regarding my lady. Easy E respect to u always. So she told me about Wendy and i asked her to come round so i could aplogize. She told me i am  cheeky but also that she would call later. Result!
It was around 5 and i put my head in my daughters room to see her trying to cut the top off a bottle of nail glue. We had a little chat and i asked if i should ask my “girlfriend” to help her put these nails on. Thing is her mum promised to come and do it last weekend and let her down. My daughter and i were laughing about me having a girlfriend and she said i am like a big kid. To me that is a compliment but she said it was ok she did not needhelp with her nails. I went downstairs and soon after J turned up. We were in the kitchen cos i was experimenting with a stir fry, my son had told me i have to cook healthier meals. He is so about his health. Anyway I am saying sorry and explaining my reasons and she said after she calmed down her 27 yearold daughter had told her that it would be the crack talking. She said i could get a pass and not to let it happen again, i wont. While we were talking my daughter came down and asked me to help her open some nail glue and before i had a chance J offered to do her nails to which my daughter said “yes please”
Next they went shops to get a fresh pack of nails and then went upstairs to do em. I did not get involved but believe me when i say my heart was fit to burst. They seem to get on well and that is all good, so far so good.
J and i watched the movie Cake with Jennifer Aniston last night and we had a chat about the future.
Saturday afternoon  i have done my cleaning, washing etc and i am listening to 2 new albums by the master, Prince. I got a new follower last night and he reviews music and film and i noticed a  review of a newish Prince track so i got on Spotify and have hooked up the laptop to my system and am rocking new Prince music. I have a lot of his albums and am a massive fan so today all is good in my world. I wish everyone the same happiness, life is sweet. Thanx again Eric for inspiringthis post, peace brother. OUT


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