A Kick In The Teeth

What a day, to begin, it is around two in the morning i get a phone call and  arrange for someone to call round within the hour. He wants to score but the lads will not serve him so he asks me to get him six stones, not a problem. So we have the stabs and i look in the cupboard for my foil, only to find it is not there. I only got a new roll earlier the day before so i cannot understand why it is not there. One person saw me put it in the cupboard, my new friend girl. I phoned her to ask if she had moved it or even took it and i was assured that she did not touch it. I had a few scraps so  i used those while still puzzling over the missing foil. Afterwards i went to sleep.

I woke up and after phoning my friend who is a lady i had the phone slammed down on me, apparently i accused her of stealing from my house, whoops. The worst part is that she was going to lend me money today so blam that is out the window. I had forgot that i have trust issues, nothing like a relationship to bring those feelings back eh.

Anyway i have to go dentist today at two for a fitting of my false gnashers. I get dressed and have a coffee for breakfast. I am about ready to leave the house for my appt when my son rolls in from college. I ask him if he has seen a roll of foil and he says it is in the drawer cos he made sandwiches to take out last night so he checked where i usually put foil and used it and put it in a drawer, omg, ok i say and go off to the dentist. I did think it was a bit strange that someone would take foil out the house but what is done is done, i would try and apologize later on.

I you have been reading my blog for a while you may recall i had a friend, a teacher who last year was a regular visitor to my home. He would want me to score for him and always got me whatever he was getting. Usually two or one stone each time. Well this year he has not been around and on the odd time i had phoned him he refused to answer the call. I was not worried about him as i assumed that he was trying to stay off the stone or that he was getting it for himself. So i am walking through the shops when who do i see but D walking fast through Morrisons. I walk over and fall in beside him and could not believe the look of him. His face had shrunk and as i asked what was happening he told me he is back on the alcohol. He looked terrible, his lips were dry through dehydration and he had finished work early so that he could get a bottle of brandy. Why the hell did you start back on it i asked, even on stone you could at least function. He dropped me home and i told him dont be a stranger but knowing D i dont think i will be seeing him i could tell he felt embarrassed. Inside i thought about his situationand felt really sad for him. Life just throws up all kinds of things and you better be ready.
I decided to call my girl to apologize and as soon as she answered she told me Wendy P had died. Damn! Back in the day when i was addicted to heroin there was 2 days in the whole ten years when i could not score and was so so ill. Both times it was Wendy who helped me never asking for anything in return. A few people mentioned that she had a heart of gold. I last saw her in the chemist a few weeks ago, we said whatsup like you do and she looked ok, welll no different than usual anyway. When i was rattling on that heroin withdrawal it was a nasty unpleasant experience that once clean i knew i would never go back. It was like no other pain i have known and to me Wendy was an angel of mercy and i will never forget her kindness. I pray that she is at peace now and know i will never forget her.
Life can give u a real kick in the teeth at times. Stay up people! We are the fortunate ones. Peace.


One thought on “A Kick In The Teeth

  1. Amen brother. My condolences and prayers for you and your friends family. I hope everything works out with you and your lady. Keep the faith brother. Peace and blessings.

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