The Hurting

Hurt, anguish invisible inner rage
No guage, unimagine shame and humiliation
The need to feed in the still of the morning
Mourning the loss engaged with no prior warning.
Urges uncontrolled untamed unheard the silent scream
Crash and burn yearning of the fiend.
Fear trembling uncomfortable familiar bliss
Awake and alive scared in existence no place to escape
Bring it home shake shiver worry some more
Flog your skin till blood masks the picture
Praying for death a new as yet unfelt sensation.
Alone for a single second the world turned inward
Behind is in front no way out, scream and scream
Yell shout make them hear, your anguish clear
Never shared noone cares not really why would they?
No remedy, no therapy no solution till when?
So hurt yourself no longer a man, a shadow of a child
That is where it began, here here in the dark
In the still of the morning  and here it will stay
I take no heed ignore all warning
I must bleed for my soul to feed
Greed greed agreed


4 thoughts on “The Hurting

      1. Isn’t it cool to unknowingly see your own writing, really like it, and only later realize it was yours? Surprise!

        It’s pretty darn good isn’t it? I posted it to another blog I use to collect interesting stuff I find on the Internet, since it’s not really related to my main EDSinfo blog. Your blog is a bit difficult to navigate so I wanted to save this poem where I’d be able to find it again more easily.

      2. I have to admit that i do a lot of poetry while under the influence on the spur of the moment and i never read it once it has been posted, thankyou though cos i really liked that one.

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