His muscles flex as he pads down to the waters edge
Sniffing at the air brushing twigs branches and grass
Pummelling  his big frame toward the far side of the stream
One giant paw stabs at therunning water and another paw
Finishes the swoop with awriggling salmon surprised.
The wide open beautiful country belonged to him
No challenge no fear tearing the flesh to  expose
A multitude of eggs the prize aloof striding back to cover.
A roll a shake of his fur and hisnose in the air. When.
The sharp pain was alarming he shook and pulled away.
Not comprehending his predicament he tugged again
And again and again.
The noise was frightening the smell intrusive to his being.
The sight of another bear just like him growling, anger
Hunger frustration fear and confusion all new.
He somehow knew what was required and reared up
Impressive in his size he knew his power instinctively
Knew what was required  he looked up from the pit
Faces humans shouting baiting spitting goading
How had he come to behere a long way from home
Hurtling across the pit his fierce attack was viscous enough
To end the life of his brother in a minute
This was his life he was in it


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