Enjoyed the weekend  at home with my kids. Yesterday my daughter decided to come with me on a long walk in the rain and strong wind. I had to go as i was borrowing  money from her aunt, mums sister. I was a little short of electricity  so Pam was good enough to let me have 10 till Monday. It is a nice feeling when someone  helps when you most need it, i get a good feeling. Anyway my girl did not have to come and with the weather as it was i was surprised when she offered  to walk with me, pleased though. We ate lunch at 2 after watching football with my son. We have  a good rapport where we can mock each other while knowing that we are playing, so i enjoyed the morning with my lad. We laughed a lot and he began reading a book of his own accord the night before, saying he wants to expand his vocabulary so we talked reading a little. I love to read, it is a passion  of mine and i have always explained the feeling of being taken away with a good book but until now he has always resisted. So i felt  so good when i opened his bedroom door to see him reading. “That has made my year so far” i told him and he replied with a “yeah yeah”. You know there are times in a life when you notice a good feeling all around and for the most part the past year or so i have had that kind of feeling. I do feel like the Lord is really with me right now cos the little things are the big things.
So we are in the kitchen all joking after lunch and my boy went up to tidy his room while me and the girl stepped out into the cold wind. First stop Aldi cos i needed a receipt to prove to the service engineers that our tv was still under warranty.  I had won the tv by being first in the queue  when they opened a new branch. My kids would complain that our tv was old fashioned so when i got a leaflet through the door promising prizes for those who attended the opening of the store with a 40″ tv as main prize i took a chance and rolled out at 4.30 in the morning. I was there 10 mins when a young lad turned up so i made first by 10 mins. Even then we were unsure if the prizes would be offered on a first come best served basis but we talked and stomped our feet for 4 hours and lo and behold on opening my gold envelope, everybody got one, i saw 40″ tv and felt relief and excitement. They took my pic standing in front of the store shaking hands across the tv with the manager. As that was happening  my daughter came across the car park on her way to schoool. She was excited and i roared with laughter when she asked if it could go in her room.
Anyway  we got the receipt and carried on walking. If you know my girl you would  know she is not happy unless she can have a moan so as we walked we were moaning at each other. Also we managed to have a little chat so it was good. A nice way to spend Saturday afternoon. On arrival we had a hot drink and a chat and we got a lift home in the back of a van. We were in stitches as we rolled around in the back but we were grateful for the ride home.
Today my daughter did her room, polish tidy empty bin and hoover. Apart from doing the dishes thru the week all i ask of them is that they do their room properly once a week. So i was content with their effort as i had an early bath. In the afternoon  my son and i watched our main rivals man utd get beat by Southampton.  I phoned my brother to laugh at him and he put the phone down on me so that had me and my boy laughing even more. I prepared dinner and we all sat together watching King Kong then they both went up to their room and i managed to get a twenty pound stone on tick and began writing this post. I loved my weekend and i hope you enjoyed yours, i am out!


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