Getting It Done

My mouth hurts or should i say gums. I had all the bad roots out on Monday so i am waiting for the pain to go away then i can go dentist to get false teeth at the top. I had been trying to get it done for over a year. The dentist refused to treat me because i was always complaining about the pain. He had took four out on the left when he referred me to the dental hospital. I had to take another adulf with transport to get me home before they would operate. I finally found my brother in a position to come along on Monday so it is finally done.
Tomorrow i am at Hope hospital in Salford to see a surgeon about the operation i need on my neck to finally stop the pain in my hands right up to my neck. My gp has advised me not to have the surgery as hehas had three patients who have come off worse than before they went in. I have to have the op though as i cannot go on like i am now. At least i am getting things done. I have only had one stone this year so far and D bought that i didnt pay for it. I intend for it to be the only one as well. I am going to gargle salt water as my mouth hurts


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