What will the NewYear bring? 2015. I am at the dental hospital on Monday to remove some roots that were left in the gums after the tooth broke off. Looking forward  to being able to have a denture fitted cos the look i have now is not what its about, trust. Then on Wednesday  i go to Hope hospital to see a surgeon who will give me the pro and cons of the operation i need on my neck. Need to have it done regardless cos my hands are numb my arms are weak and the pain in my neck and back i would not wish on another. I am a little worried as i have never had to be in hospital so far but i will be ok. I have an ongoing  case against my gp that the solicitor   reckons i have a chance of winning.
          Everything  is in place to move forward  so that is a positive. Still smoke the odd stone here and there so i have something to work toward this year. The kids seem in the right place moving forwards so a blessing right there, we have talked a little recently and i have listened as they both made me aware of their future goals and desires.  I felt that they both seemed confident in what they wish to achieve and proud that they seem capable of dealing with their desires moving forward.
             Life can throw up unexpected  situations at any given time so to be in a reasonably  good place as the year begins is a mighty blessing. I thank my Lord daily. Sometimes i look at life as an adventure  and i feel great to be able to take part. It is great to be alive, that is how i feel right now.


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