We on we off its never enuff i love and hate this stuff, for real

Thats how i feel. Like a wife that left leave a hole in the pit of your stomach

Some days i say no and some days i just want it.

Blow a hole in my pocket while i fly high like a rocket, into space

Galaxy milky way my brains on play like a xbox 360 its in me cant slow now

Speeding past stars and the moon earth cant come too soon i’m a freak

Captain Kirk and Spock on the Starship Enterprise a word to the wise

Careful on the landing strip this is it we down long damn frown

Off we go again no friend no enemy just me in the galaxy floating

On a cloud watch and taste thats me i am smoking, one day

Two nights a few weeks clearly i am very weary same scene different day

I am on my way


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