Optimistic blindly confused still tried hard dont break any rules

Train for a year early morning blues do right for his seed

Make many moves, stay on the right path of course why not?

Learn a trade he can use. Earn a living thats good,

A skill to be proud of, for that he will shed blood.

Every day he learned more skills, skills he could use

A plumber can live well as well as a job, he could do extra help others

While earning help his brothers. His future looked bright

Living his life doing things right, making his woman proud

Knowing his baby girl would be cared for by the sweat of his brow

Week after week the end coming closer nearly finished the course

Soon to have the papers that confirmed him as a plumber he was gonna

Find a job with a reputable firm and learn his trade from the bottom

Make sure he learned everything he needed to know

Slowly but surely let his knowledge grow and before you know

He would run his own business, yes he had it all planned out


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