Look at me just chillin in silence, far away from the evil and the violence

I was so close i could have been the one to commit murder

Dont sit there and think  i did not hear ya, i heard you loud and clear

When  you showed me death close up and whispered into my ear,

“Life aint fair, why dont you come with me?” i heard

Without my faith and my Lord i would have come apart from the start

Although you tried very hard  to trick my heart, tried very hard

And if my Lord hadnt seen fit. To teach me all about fear

I would have been so bound to you i might never have broke free but look at me living happily

Happy to be able to help another , i feel blessed, the sky and a blast of fresh air

Is enough to remind me i come far, but now here i am doin fine

At times the landscape and being all alone had me slipping

Jumping in with no regard i was afraid, moulded frantically, confused tricked

Deceived i used my anger acting like i am fly am that guy

Like a raging bull i would go through making sure you all knew

Arrogance cloaked me like the foolish soldier in a next mans war

Not even asking what am i fighting for” , Kissinger called soldiers dumb

I took the wrong path, i was tested and i know i lost my way

I allowed my fear to decide how i would live my life day to day

Never quite feeling ready to accept and face up to life dangerous.

Wondering could any living soul survive inside the lair

But sat here chilling and meditating i know who won the war

Over many fought battles it was all over me, all that misery, i should be an ally

From the earliest start i had rejection in my heart and it did not stop there

I know not why you would care to have me on your side, cos you really wanted me

Because no matter the situation, no matter what the ride i, will never follow you

Like Twitter. I am not even bitter cos it all makes me who i am today

When you showed me pain and let me feel alone and turned me on to bitterness

All i wanted to do was find a girl and be in love and kiss.

i believed in truth and love and blessings from above.

When you showed me death and made me look in the mirror i took a breath

Looking how close we mostly were, i am lucky to be here, although,

I know it was my ordained path, it was meant for me and me alone

Everybody must have their own.I guess but i was shown in a manner that

Was as if i was not alone from first to now i had me by my side

The sweetest ride.


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