I changed my pay date to monthly with the aim of smoking less, this week i was paid and the difference showed i made the right decision. My daughter got new Kickers for school, my son got new football boots, all my bills are paid it was so nice getting emails confirming receipt of payment. My daughter has just left  with her mother to get a new winter coat and some jeans. My son and i just got back from doing a big shop and he has plenty left in  the bank for any needs that might arise in the coming weeks. I feel great when i think back to the first week with less funds and my  son said “we have to suffer because you are trying to get off drugs”.  Even their mother seems to be doing well after her detox, i gave her the money to take my daughter to Matalan and it was so nice seeing them together both happy. My son left to go training for his Sunday team taking his new boots and he also was happy. I feel like super dad right now, my decision has been vindicated. I have not been able to afford to smoke as although we get a little cash week to week every penny has to go on essentials and now i have got extra i was not even tempted to score. Today is a good day and i had to write it up. YES!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations Drew5000G. That is sharing the hope if I ever read it. That my man is what’s up. Keep on doing the next right thing. The feelings and the rewards are awesome.

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