Straits is a little bit lost right now, even though he had the best intention when he started

He was not prepared for the difference his life had gone through. He has a lot of getting used to

All he had ever knew was loss, pain and rejection, his mom left him at three, just him his brother

In an empty house, screaming at the top of the stairs when daddy returned from  work

Mom was a jerk, wanting  freedom from her kids she upped and left, behind her its a mess.

Two damaged children and a father stressed to the max,he had to act fast.

How will he work with no one to watch his kids, he gonna lose his house if he cant pay the bills.

For a while it was back and forth from friend to friend it was no way to live

It wasnt good for the kids. Before too long he met a woman and thought she was a good un

But his judgement was clouded in desperation a rocky foundation.

She had kids of her own having to do it on  her own so pops was a blessing,

I guess he tried his best then, but more trouble on the way it was his kids who would pay.

He went back to work on the night shift leaving his kids at home with a witch

Thats when they learned about a beating and how to be mistreated, cold harsh reality

Came crashing down on his young family, and he never got to see them much

Working every night they was kept from his sight, pain and humiliation became a way of life

Till the day they up and left deja vous for the little two, waking up in an empty room.

Relief not grief was the overriding emotion pain upon pain cos they still felt attached

Looking for love from the devil a seed was growing without them really knowing why

Yet they found they couldn’t cry, till they got left on their own, pops had to put them in a foster home.

The father of the house was a priest and he appeared very friendly along with his wife

The kids began a new life. Bible class every Tuesday church every Sunday, it was all brand new

Jesus was a saviour and he had to help the kids adjust and grow someone to help

Living this fucked up life but now the Lord became a best friend someone that will be there to the very end.

He was needed cos u see we found another messed up family. tbc


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  1. You have an intriguing story to tell and I hope you enjoy writing it as much as we, your readers, enjoy reading it.

    I’ve lived a quiet sheltered life, but by reading stories like yours, I’m learning how incredibly lucky I was to be born into a middle class white family. I doubt I would have survived in your situation.

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