Coming up in the old Moss Side district where if u had beef u used fists to fix it.

All it took was an approach to a friend, “Yo am about making those ends”

Should it be so easy? Why was it so easy? Why so many drugs in My community?

Well i aint a politician and anyway nobody gonna listen, to a brother like me

So on he went with the negativity, strong class A and a future contact

Just a shake of the hand no need to sign a contract. Pulled in a partner

Hidden away they started wrapping out the gear, damn enuff here to make a profit

Now to find a safe stash so we dont get copped with it. Never keep it in the home

Less u wanna be in a cell all alone, then its who we gonna sell it to

Not a problem every junkie wants gear they gotta pass thru, Moss Side

Is the place and if people know your face, you have a passport to sell

All day and all night hustling 24/7, now they on a stairway to heaven.

Cash and jewelry, clothes at a fraction of the price it was mostly unbelievable

Day upon day they began to build a name for quality and reliability

Cos in the game so many just tried robbery of the customer, not cool

They was fools messing up the game for those that did it properly.

Nickname Straits business came easy, eager to put the work in keeping real busy.

No time to party, up early in the morning around 6.30 check the parcel

Hit the regular spot it took over his life no time for anything else.

He felt needed and took his responsibility seriously, like a job or a business

And he was running it smooth, dedication to the game playing by the rules.

Till one day he hit a problem, unexpected now do he have to get a gun?!


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