Making money like he never seen, oh boy

Livin life like he in a dream, oh boy

Now its on for real, hottest girls to fancy meals

All the while he makin deals, in all manner of product

Started with the gear, now he buying weed coke and crack

Turning it round and getting more than his money back. Oh yeah

Everybody know the name Straits, this is major great!

New car new clothes sexin all kind of hoes, he a player 4 real.

Big man on the scene everybody know he got green, take care

Beware! Cos its not just the feds that r watchin, gangsters be watchin 2

And boy if u aint with a crew u gonna be a target  2, fuck you!

Look at him flossin’ like a king, he a rap star? Dont think so

Damn homey u know he gotta go, r u wid me, yeah

Straits better take care, wake up to reality. These boys hungry

Living in poverty, they be watching waiting for the moment