Chillin’ looking at some nonsense on TMZ when the phone goes and it is D asking me if he can call round. I think yeah i could do with getting a few things from the shops so i tell him come. I have my coat on ready to go shop when he arrives and lo and behlold he has already scored. I tell him he can have mine as i was gonna spend my tenner at the shop. He apologises and leaves. I was wounded for a minute cos i could have used the cash but then i realise that since i decided to quit it is the first test and i passed so fuck it and fuck him


4 thoughts on “DAMN!

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed! That shows great determination, even when surprised by temptation – and that’s so difficult it causes many a relapse.

    You are a good path – I wish you the strength and grace to stay the course.

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