Feel The Change

It does not feel like two days, it is as if i know it wont happen again as something has changed. I definitely feel different but i cant explain properly. Just good.


2 thoughts on “Feel The Change

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  1. Sounds like you’ve hit the sweet spot, where we feel balanced and complete, and don’t crave escape from our inner selves. I believe this is how all humans are supposed to feel, and yet so many of us can’t hold on to it or even reach it.

    Sometimes I think I can’t stand being inside my own head for one more second. It seems crazy, but I think the real misery isn’t even the horrible feeling itself, but the frantic effort of trying to escape it. I’ve learned I need to stop struggling against myself, settle down, just breathe, and give myself a break to regain some balance and perspective.

    It feels like the only way out is to go in deeper – sort of like struggling through the shoreline breakers to swim in the calm ocean waters farther out.

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