Crack Dreams

i was under the impression that crack only damages your pocket but after two and a half weeks of cutting it out i am having the same crazy dreams that i had when i kicked the heroin. So my mind and body are coming back to me and i do feel a bit better. Who could have guessed how easy it would be? i just changed my payment to monthly which means that the bits of money i get weekly HAVE to be used wisely and has been. I have had the odd stone once or twice that D paid for but as for tuesday and wednesdays when i was indulging excessively,  finito and i am good. The weekend is here and i have a few things to do as well as catching all the football.  It begins with Liverpool/ Chelsea on BT Sport at 1 today. After that i gotta go buy some lemons to make my magic cold and flu potion for my daughter as she has a bit of a cold,aaahh. Enjoy your weekend peeps and keep smiling,……

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