Still lovin the road, keep up with the code

Who u know like me smoke crack independently, rely on me

Got hella respect, hows he do that?

I hear em talkin but i pay no mind i just keep on walkin

Thats how it is now, from the womb to the tomb, i dont change

Stay healthy no desire to be wealthy, day to day got food on the table

I am able to look after me and mine, i am able, truly.

Never unruly got manners my pops taught me right, bless him forever

We had our moments but the love never faded, love forever forgotten never.

So take a leaf off of me, i stand correct like an oak tree

Get respect from the gangsters and the dealers and citizens alike

Move through these oceans like i’m floating, without a boat’n

Still i make it, never gonna fake it till my time is up

I drink from the cup of the righteous cos i am righteous