Night 4am

4 in the morning and the darkness fits my groove, wishing my teeth were bullets

feeling an urge to empty a clip or two, check on the damage and just move on to you

or any motherfucker that crosses my path, taste my evil got see it drip

i aint a blood or a crip, i am me hatin you and all you fucking stand for.

Hatin on myself so these streets are mine been grinding since the beginning of time,

Fuck you and the shit that you believe cos i know you a deceiver so i have no fear

Just me and my venom aimed right for all you sneering lying cheating backstabbing

Envious moronic thieving dark secretive army

Always walk amongst you untouched by your filth.

Still i am covered by your filth, surrounded by the stench of your malicious ways.

Unashamed i stride the mountains looking down and seeing all you want to do

You will never get through i am darkness itself so turn around before we touch

I have always been rough untidy roaming the alleys and roads with no place to call home.

Send your disguised soldiers and legions prepared but if you thiNk you will see scared

You hit the wrong abode no fear in these gates just that wall of mirrors

You birthed me and i grew so FUCK YOU


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