Still dealing with addiction, couldnt even get a week but i am not too down. I am alive and have many positives riding with me so i will not beat myself up. Initially i was disappointed and felt uncomfortable writing my stuff. Believe it or not i imagined that i had let people down and had to analyze the situation. I held a by myself meeting and came out with the attitude that i have to accept and move on. I struggled to write because i was thinking about people who read my stuff. I realised that i cant begin  to allow that to be a factor as i dont blog for approval. I write because i love writing, always have. It is strange when people like your work, at first it gave me some form of satisfaction. Eventually though i began changing things with others on my mind. Now i have to get back to being me 100% wether liked or no.

Anyway, i have had a good day today and feel lucky, blessed or both.


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  1. Happy to hear you’ve gotten past this bump in the road. Just hang on to your good intention and do your best. You’re a brave man to expose your private thoughts like this and I admire you for it.

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