I have fed my  children and have decided to play Forza cos nowt on tv. So i unplug the phone as i wont be using it, or so i thought. Earlier on before i started waking up D had phoned andd called by, he got us two stone each and he bought a bag of b for us to share. Glad he did that cos to be left wired in the morning is not the way to start a day. I must say that i can imagine the thought of  someone smoking heroin and crack throwing up a multitude of images, and i dont know of any situation where that is good.

So on Friday night he came and got two each and left same on Saturday night and Sunday morning and he just turned up while i was driving. He seemed a little put out that i would turn the phone off, cheeky bugger, he likes to phone in advance and ask me to give them a ring. Anyway i was thrilled to see him, so thrilled in fact that i crashed out while in the lead of a Japan street race,ha. So he wants four white, two each, thats eighty five quid he has spent on me this weekend not to mention the same for himself, wow. He was lucky cos when we phoned the dealer was in the area so bam less than five mins and he is gone. I had a hit and came on here, lasts longer that way. Earlier on i had two then i did the dinner and cleaned the kitchen and wrote a bit. My body does not do anything i don’t want it too. Not to condone ever but my kids know i smoke and as long as they don’t see it and i dont spend on it they leave me to it. I have talked to them and tried to explain that i am struggling and it will take me time to beat it, but i will. I only smoke what D buys at the moment and that works. Especially this weekend which brings me to my point, i have had a great day and a good weekend and a lot of that has to do with the amount of free crack and the fact he left so i can take my time and enjoy it, trust me it wont last long, nobodys pockets are that deep. I am enjoying while i can. It is bad to express a good day because i smoked crack?


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