2 pork chops in gravy and onions on the lowest flame possible, simmering as slow as a teenager takes to clean his room. Dinner apart from a pan of rice is done. Ironing a few clothes later tonight and i am good. I mention my teenage boy because i have not long ago decided the time is “now”. I went to the cleaning cupboard, where we keep cleaning stuff, and grabbed polish and a cloth then turned back and swiped the air freshener as well. On the way upstairs i was thinking that i should think about this situation. I decided not to overthink it. His door was open, bear in mind i asked him first last Saturday, i walked in and put the bundle in his hand, “oh and do something with that hair as well” i joked. “Hold on,” i heard him say as i touched the top stair. I turned back to face him offering me a glass and a cup, “will you take these down dad?”

So finally, but you have to know your kid i think. If i would have acted all dictatorial and attempted  to bully the situation we would have maybe resolved it earlier but at what cost. This way, i knew he would do it, he always does, i just played it patiently. Something i could never have done years back. Now my daughter is another matter. If you did not know her you could be confused. Last week i offered her a few biscuits to go with the cup of tea i had made. She did not want a biscuit i was promptly informed, so half mockingly i said, “sooo…rry”

Well, she exploded. The next minute was spent with her shouting on the bottom step about how she didnt want a biscuit. If you heard without knowing it would be understandable if you assumed she was in some kind of bother. That is not out of the ordinary for her, it can be the smallest thing that sets her off but she will be smiling five minutes later.

Earlier she came into the kitchen and while we were chatting i noticed her neck could do with a wash. Now we have been here before and she used to kick off if you pointed it out to her. “Its not my fault!” she used to shout. I always tried to cool her down, “its nobodys fault it just needs a quick wash babe” Anyway because i know her and her ways i said to her, “I need to tell you something but you cant kick off”

“What is it?” Without speaking i pointed at her neck and she got it immediately. She headed upstairs and i could see she was “tense” ha. Handled another way it would have been different but we are all cool as far as i am aware, all in our individual dens. My daughter has just informed me she is hungry so i am gonna put the rice on, back 2nte


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