Gonna turn off the laptop in a min and watch some tv and finish the rest of my smoke. Had a nice mellow evening as it happens. So glad i have wordpress as it is kind of like i am having a chat with someone. My word is always the way  as well so no arguing with myself haha. Anyway it has been a good day(Ice Cube) since 11am when my “mate” woke me wanting to score so it was crack and coffee for breakfast. H E left to go back to work and i started my cleaning. After that i had to go chemist and get a few bits from Morrisons. Outside was windy and a little cold but still ok, usual Manchester weather. Completed my shop to come home to see my son home from college but he was not stopping. Out for the weekend, yay, i prepared my girls dinner and put the music on. Pink Cashmere, Prince. Just had to let you know what just came on, wicked so many lyrics and styles. My girl came home in a good mood from school. She was expecting to be in trouble when a teacher asked her class to attend the office at break but when she went he told her that she was not involved as she was well behaved. Apparently he takes most of the lesson trying to keep control so who wants to learn do not get the chance. It is unfair and if it continues i will be phoning the school.

Anyway, my girl was cool so we had a laugh and a chat about stuff, cool. She then retired to her media centre namely her bedroom. She can use her tablet as a remote for the tv and if she picks a tune from youtube on the tablet it will show on the tv. She loves it and when i said her brother is staying out she clenched a fist and said “Yes, no one to tell me to turn my music down”

I agreed and said “its just you and me kid” Hands up for a hi five and she was gone happily. My mate came and went but mostly i have been on WP or playing poker while all the time listening to some great music. I download from ITEMVN and then i make playlists sometimes putting a particular playlist onto a blank Cd. Well i have a weekend of sport to look forward to so for now i retire into the night.

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