So do people try and manipulate. I am under the impression that they do even if they don’t know they are doing it. i know i used to do it but i am not judging others by my previous shady standards i lived by, not at all. Its just that i don’t see many people these days so when i do have a conversation with a person i kind of am all over it without trying to be, i have not got that much going on so my brain is clear. It took a while for me to see but that is because it was hidden. I am loyal and fair and a guy i have been doing regular business with has not been coming with the correct amount. Always a tenner short. He was giving me fifty at one point before he asked me to lower the price which i did. 40. This went on a while until in a a good mood made me bring it to thirty. Over the past few years he has paid a lot for something i get for free and because he is possibly illegal cannot get for himself. Anyway my friend was adamant that this guy is taking the piss but i responded by explaining that we need each other. No, he needs you, if you stopped taking the twenty he would find the other tenner, my friend would say. I know i could sell them elsewhere but this guy is regular and we know each other after all this time. Yes but he is treating you like a fool, i was being told. I decided that i would tell my guy that he will have to come with the full thirty or only get twenty quids worth. I did that and just got thirty as he left an hour or so ago. Now my other friend who was in my ear has just asked me to sell him one for ten pounds. Hard to resist but this weeks have just gone anyway so he will have to wait till Monday. Obviously i am now remembering how strong he went in against my other buyer and now i am seeing why. People just try and manipulate and you better beware, they come in the guise of “friends” BEWARE


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