I feel close to death, not literally, but full ov a cold. i fell asleep in the living room with the window wide open. I woke full of a cold head blocked body so cold and the phone ringing. 7.35am i already know who will be calling at this time. My girl is ready for school and is asking for money. D arrives and gives girl a pound which puts a smile on her beautiful face and makes me happy, he also buys electric and sugar so thats good. I phone for two stones, one each and we are having a quick smoke. I can hardly taste it or feel it so a waste of a tenner really. D has his and gets off to work. If his students knew teacher was smoking crack before college they would be surprised. Although it would not affect his teaching i reckon he may lose his temper if he was still a bit wired. I dont want to do a thing till i come back down but everyone is different.

Right now i have put a wash in the machine as the weather looks nice, get it drying on the line. Kids mum just phoned 9.30am to ask me to borrow her a tenner tomorrow till Thursday, i said i would. Got to phone boys college to sort out forms for meals, bus passes and arrange for boy to receive some cash, got all i need. Just double checking to be on safe side.

Hope all is well in the world although i know it is not, god bless the children caught up in Govt agendas everywhere


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