Walking to the chemist, focused mainly on keeping good posture. Not easy when you have constant pain in your neck. Nevertheless I headed down past the park to get my daily prescription. I was near the end of the road when it happened, past the park, near the postbox. Talking of the postbox i had a moment last week when i thought i saw Katrina driving past it, it happened quickly and my attention at the moment she passed was focused on getting into a bag of pears i had only just purchased. I dont know what made me look up but i did and there was a blue Clio moving pretty fast towards the corner shop. In the driver seat a mass of long curls caught the sunlight giving the head what appeared to be a golden halo. It was Katrina in the driver seat. The strange thing about the whole situation is that every other time I buy pears from the market they have been fresh and juicy bursting with flavour and juice. That day as i bit into the biggest pear in the bag i nearly choked. In front of my eyes Katrina drove past but i was spitting feathers, no taste, bone dry no goddamn flavour. I was so disappointed. I am not trying to even link the two things, of course not, just saying though because i like pears usually. For the longest time i considered turning round and taking the pears back to the shop. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that a girl i like was walking my way so never one to miss an opportunity i kept up my walk home. You have to be careful when you buy your fruit.


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