Back To Basics

Well, summer holidays are over. Big lad begins new phase of life. College to build on school success of SEVEN O level passes, 3 b’s and 4 c’s. The b passes, maths, science and P.E amazed us all. I am so proud of him. Anyway today he has left to start his journey to achieve 4 A levels. Maths, Business, Phsycology and P.E.  His sister is still in bed, she begins year 10 tomorrow.
Summer was good I guess. We did not go away but still we had some fun times. Time to be organised as a new term begins. Football has kicked off a new season, City and Chelsea look strong with the new recruits they have brought in, Fabregas and Costa at Chelsea and Fernando and Mangala at City. Liverpool without Suarez  have already had a 3-1 defeat at the Etihad. I have set up my Fantasy Football team as has my son. He won last season taking the crown I had held for two seasons. Let the games begin, my main man in midfield is Fabregas, he has Arsenal midfielder Ramsey as his main man.
Have to get a blouse today and then I have completed my back to school jobs. Still have various things to do regarding forms for bus passes and free meals at college and also he needs passport size photos for his student card and for his bus pass. Will sort that tomorrow. I feel pretty good as the only problems are the usual bills. All is well. Still battling my crack situation. Kids mom is still on course to do her alcohol detox. She has been keeping all her appointments with help from her worker at “justlife”. A fine organisation that helps people with addiction issues. Anyway she should be going away to Bradford for 14 days soon. Good luck to her. As long as she is trying the door is open to her if she needs any kind of support. The hard part will be after the detox. Staying sober will be difficult with a shop on  every corner, we wish her well.
It is good to be back on WordPress. I hope to have a charger for the laptop tomorrow then I don’t have to ask my girl to use her tablet, it is awkward typing using this tablet anyway. Back soon

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  1. So nice to hear life is going well for you! I’m impressed with how well your kids are doing, and it just proves how much good you can do with a calm, kind, and reasonable style of parenting.

    You seem to be a classic case of successful “harm reduction”: you may be struggling with an addiction, but you work hard not to let it harm the rest of your life and the people in it. I wish more folks could be successful with it as you are, but I think It’s your unusual self-awareness and wisdom that makes it work so well for you.

    Glad you’re back here!

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