No Loud Music

Tomorrow morning and everything will be back to normal, Hooray! The six weeks off school that they have enjoyed is over. I love my little cherubs but I was looking forward to this day. I have endured two types of music playing loudly simultaneously with the added sound of my girl learning dance moves in front of the mirror, bless. Anyway,  it is over. Peace and quiet reigns. At 9pm both were bathed fed and prepared for the morning. Uniform, forms, money, the lot. We wished each other goodnight and my girl was lights out, my boy will switch off TV around eleven and turn off the iPhone. A little check will do no harm. Comprise 11.45. Anyway I am glad they are back learning. I like a quiet afternoon where I can focus on my daily duties without interruption. Plus I have more to do in term time, they need me more which I enjoy. I like doing stuff for and with them, from helping with homework to picking up stuff from the shops etc.
Summer was good. The kids made the most of their time. Girl managed to spend time with her mother. One bad day she left with her mum to go shopping. I get a call later from my daughter and she tells me her mum is asleep on the sidewalk and won’t get up. They were not far from our house and a friend put the mum in her house on that street and then walked my girl home. She was upset so because she had the money from her mum I took her to get clothes try and take her mind off it. Sad really cos she loves her mum. Hopefully it will soon become a thing of the past. Her mum  will be doing a detox and I pray she can overcome her demons and beat her addiction.
I worry about the impact her behaviour is having on our girl, and I don’t know what to do for the best. If I suggest that she not be allowed at our house my girl point blank refuses, while our son doesn’t want her in our house and refuses to talk to her. I have appealed to his sense of forgiveness so that he will tolerate her being in the house but he won’t talk until she sorts her self out. I feel for them because they love her and have to see her drunk. When drunk she might call round and can be nasty with alcohol. She has not done that for a while. She still drinks while waiting for her appt to detox.
The kids enjoyed summer   anyway.

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  1. Congratulations on setting your son on on the path to college! You’ve succeeded where so many parents fail and despair (or worse, don’t even care). Not all kids are able to learn well or have enough self-discipline to do the work, so you got lucky there, but your values are clear and just the expectation of college has a big effect.

    I’m touched by your obvious sympathy for your ex-wife. Despite her continuing ability to harm your kids (and thus you, too), you repeatedly forgive her and try to be a peace-maker between her and the kids.

    Again, you completely blow apart the common conception of an addict, with your interesting mix of normally incompatible attitudes and actions. You may struggle with an addiction, but you don’t let it keep you from taking good care of your children, caring about and for your friends and family, and managing your own life.

    While you’re the perfect model of “harm reduction”, I’m not sure it can be done without the honest self-awareness you have. Were you always that way, or is it something you learned in the process of fighting your addiction?

    1. I didnt begin my addiction till in my 30’s so values were instilled. plus i hated being addicted and constantly tried to beat it now i try my best to keep some control. thanx

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