Waffle city

Well, my friend has gone from gear 3 bags a day to subtex in no time. He called yesterday and just got stone. How good is that? So like myself he is  just having white when he can get away from the wife. That is his safety net. The fact that he feels answerable to another human gives him boundaries like myself and my children. If I never had been left with my two kids to look after then I would not like to imagine where I would be today. Responsibility is a lifeline. I know I cannot spend too much as I have to make sure they have all they need. Teenagers need lots, I phones, blackberries, tablets, clothes, food. Sometimes I want to have a  real binge but I cannot and this is a good thing. I want to only smoke now when my mate calls round that way I can save my money for better things. It is not easy though as no matter how much you tell yourself to stop the moment your money goes in the bank your mind hits autopilot. That is so annoying believe me. A week planning different ways to occupy your time and money goes out the window. After the first hit you are spellbound, and that first hit is crap anyway, so wtf? The amount you get for a tenner is rubbish, I know this. The dealer tells you to spend the other tenner but adamantly you refuse. Only to call him back ten minutes later. He then makes you wait longer before he comes back so you are left wringing your hands and calling every five minutes. Eventually he gets back to you and  you and you spend more so you are not left waiting again. It is pathetic and shot goes on and on. Enough for now, daughter wants her tablet back

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