Late Night Early Morning

Up all night. Slightly over. Just  nodding off around eight when I heard the front  door knock. Half asleep I answer. D stood looking sheepish and a bit rough. He got 3w and 1b. He has the subby in him so it is a psychological use. He didn’t stay long but asked to come back tonight when his wife goes work. He had not answered my calls because he was getting on the tablets. All is well I suppose.
New bank manager just pissed me off. Electric went so had to go in bank. Asked for a tenner from my savings account, linked to my card. He said I can’t do it and that I need to transfer it online. I am aware of that but my electric had gone. I had to take a tenner from my isa. I know I can transfer it back now home online. Why would he not help. It is an action done many times before. New manager new rules. Thankfully D was around to drive it would have been a pain on waking up. I told him that I phoned him hoping that seeing my number would trigger him to call. Shady I know but he understood, he felt bad turning up today so we both are letting the drugs win. Still fighting though it is an ongoing fight to recovery. Will give downstairs a good going over today. There is a light drizzle of rain falling outside but it is warm, close even. Yes a few  bits when I go  chemist but that is it. I will phone hospital to rearrange physio as I can’t afford to travel this week. Indoors keeping busy till D comes tonight.

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