Today is Good

Throughout my time on this planet, spent mainly in Manchester, UK, I have managed to keep my sanity. I think this a particularly commendable achievement. Kidnaps involving friends, suicides, jail, takeovers, fallout, wars, fights, backstabbing, and the drugs a different journey completely but equally destructive to body and soul.

Yeah….I am 50 and right now my spirit is  calm. Calm. Under all the day to day trials we all go through, I look at me and… I am calm, content and happy. I have a few things in life that are not ideal. They are ongoing trials that are dealt with daily. Inside I am good. No people in my life that shouldn’t be, my children seem okay, I have no grumbles. No girlfriend helps the emotional part of me. No arguing, negative feelings and all that goes with it, it took a few months but what with the kids on my own day and night, the drugs I just gave up on girls. Now they are growing up and I have time back I think I am too old to start with someone new. It would be mad. I’m good. No woman, no cry. The great writer Bob Morley said that and he was right. I could never get on with anybody. It wouldn’t take long for me to find fault with anybody. On my own is cool.

Good music still. Sharon, beginning of my heroin habit actually, 2000 -2010. Those were days when my spirit was lost. My if I begin to think back, waking up ill. Right from eyes open you are controlled. Distances travelled, hours spent waiting rain and shine. Money wasted. Today is good

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