still smokin

Love is contagious is the track playing now. Can’t remember name of girl singing but remember she looked sweet back then. She was one of Prince’s finds. Anyway I just lost a post about D’s visit. So start again and I am listening to music. Just got a big ten, got a ten for electric in morning. Cba talking about D just done that. So I am listening to a tape that is double excellent, the music, standalone is delicious. Midnight Lover. Plus I am filled with memory after memory.

Love a little thing on a Saturday night. It doesn’t usually happens it is double exciting when you have Saturday boxed.

D came and left. No problem. He done 55, then 20. He gave two w over to me, nice I also made a fiver on the deal to add to fifteen in my pocket. It seems I only see him in terms of cash spent and hustle made, to be honest. Does that make me a bad anti social kind of character. I wonder, sometimes. Times I know it’s true, others I a victim of social policies that meant I was never going to be anything other than what I am. Different days, different mindset.

Music, before I drag myself into a dark place I think I was just about to, music pulled me out of it. Because  music has the ability to do that, yeah.. Gonna take 5 to have a bit. Might come back as what’s her name sings sweetly on my tape. Just another love song driving me crazy, yes I’m all torn up. I put that in case I can’t remember her name.


  1. By coincidence, your statement, “a victim of social policies that meant I was never going to be anything other than what I am.”, is something I’ve just been reading about!

    Dr. Carl Hart writes passionately and from personal experience about the dilemma of addiction. He’s a black man raised in the crippling environment of urban poverty – also a victim of social policies. He’s been there, he’s done it, and now he’s free of it and looking back at it.

    from Wikipedia:

    Carl Hart (born 1966) is an associate professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University. Hart is known for his research in drug abuse and drug addiction. Hart was the first tenured African American professor of sciences at Columbia University.

    I just checked out his autobiography “High Price” from the library, and what you wrote made me think of mentioning him to you. He holds some controversial positions, as you can see from the titles of his articles, but I think he’s right on. Finally someone who can think outside the ridiculous “War on Drugs” mind set..

    “Carl Hart: Drugs don’t turn people into criminals”

    The Truth Teller
    Carl Hart researches drug effects in humans to separate myth from reality

    Book Review: ‘High Price’ by Carl Hart – An experienced voice rethinks the war on drugs

    It’s a bummer that you usually write so expressively and prolifically only in otherwise undesirable circumstances. I remember when it was like that for me, but now huge mugs of strong coffee spur me on 🙂

    1. Yo I think this is the way. Thank you. Anybody that has come through is an inspiration. Thank you for direction. Simple kind actions could change the world. Thank you for reading as well.

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