still smokin

Love is contagious is the track playing now. Can’t remember name of girl singing but remember she looked sweet back then. She was one of Prince’s finds. Anyway I just lost a post about D’s visit. So start again and I am listening to music. Just got a big ten, got a ten for electric in morning. Cba talking about D just done that. So I am listening to a tape that is double excellent, the music, standalone is delicious. Midnight Lover. Plus I am filled with memory after memory.

Love a little thing on a Saturday night. It doesn’t usually happens it is double exciting when you have Saturday boxed.

D came and left. No problem. He done 55, then 20. He gave two w over to me, nice I also made a fiver on the deal to add to fifteen in my pocket. It seems I only see him in terms of cash spent and hustle made, to be honest. Does that make me a bad anti social kind of character. I wonder, sometimes. Times I know it’s true, others I a victim of social policies that meant I was never going to be anything other than what I am. Different days, different mindset.

Music, before I drag myself into a dark place I think I was just about to, music pulled me out of it. Because  music has the ability to do that, yeah.. Gonna take 5 to have a bit. Might come back as what’s her name sings sweetly on my tape. Just another love song driving me crazy, yes I’m all torn up. I put that in case I can’t remember her name.