“Top Day TopMan”

You know them days where everything goes nice. You know, they come along evety so often and you notice them clearly as wonderful and rare. Well guess what?, ok no guessing just in case nobody reads this post, i will let the cat out of the bag, i had one of those days.

Just thought, everyone is different so what i call a good day, even rare and wonderful, others may not see it as that. If that refers to you personally let me rephrase. I had ahat i call a top fucking day. From the moment i awoke, 4am this mornin,  if i had planned the day it couldnt have worked out better. I aas walking through the park at 7.09am,the sun was bringing me out in a sweat, the sky was bright blue , the odd lonely fluffy cloud broke up the brilliance of the blue. I strolled thru the park and went through my pockets as i looked around to appre ciate the world around me. I pulled a piece of folded up foil from my change pocket. “Strange” i thought to myself as k started unfolding the foil. I found a small stone wrapped in the centre of the foil. The speed of my walk matched the pace of my moods upswing. Back home quick few hits yes. When you find a rock in your pocket that u truly didnt know was there you have to admit you have been smoking a lot.

Anyway no sooner had the clock hit 9.30 my phone rang and instinctively i knew it was D wanting to score. I was right, i asked for tomorrows tenner today with todays. “So you want twenty?” He asked. I needed electric and i promised to give the boy a fiver for paintball on Sunday morning. Plus, i wanted a smoke. After havin a taste at 4 it was still in the memory.

I got all three and had to go back sometime today for another fiver (he had no change) 3 for 25 he doesnt know about. I hope u aint reading this D but anyway u know its just a hustle, it aint personal. So i go home with a  ten stone and enjoy smoking cos i have a bit of money as well. Nowt tomorrow but the deal is done. Shit, going off the subject, anyway……..

Decided to take care of stuff i shoulda done already. Done painting with my daughter. Actually Keats surprised me, she did two doors and did a really good job. Earlier when i tried to give her advice she had give me a look of contempt and told me, “I know how to paint dad,…..I do art at school!” At the time i was about to try and educate her but seeing the indignant look spread across her face i just said “oh yeah, course you do babe, sorry” You know how teen girls can be, i thought ” i’ll show her later when she fucks up”.

Credit where credit’s due, she did well and i thanked her and let her know i really appreciated her helping me. “Can i go and listen to music now dad”

When i had finished glossing i went out in the garden and began gardening.  It wasnt long before the housr phone rang and my brother wad informing me of the fact he would be at mine in 20 mins. Yes i immediateLy imagin3d myself smoking bud but also asking for a fiver to add to the fivet i was owed by the dealer.

Bingo, got it got another stone in my pocket for, well now actually, buzzin. Always good to see my brother, who arrived with his son and son’s ma5e. FIFA 14 in my boys room ( he is out playing football) smokin weed drinking beer. Played 1 lost 1 but a good game. 2-1 till 90th min then he got a third. Me Hollandha Brazil.

Anyway they are gone i am writing, bit smashed, in a good way, got a stone got some weed already been smoking and drinking so a good day. Hope you agree but if u dont u dont i still had well you know…… gonna have a hit,


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