My Best Self

Everyone Has A Story...

50-tremendous-grunge-for-your-desktop-noupeI heard a question today that made me really think. The question was this:

When were you your best self?

I guess I’m thrown by the question because, on the surface, it would seem a rather easy question. When was I the happiest? When was I the most successful? The most content?

But that isn’t the question, is it?

I wasn’t my best self at the happiest moments of my life. I was a bit naive, idealistic, and self-deceptive at the times I was the most content. Maybe those qualities were what lent to my ability to feel that way. I certainly wasn’t my best self at the times I had the most money, or had achieve some success in my career.

The answer was rather startling.

I began to be my best self when my life crashed down around me and all the things I once held most valuable…

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