Crack, pills and smack, and back to crack

Drug dealer, brown and white. Built from 60 quid to ounces. 1992 made a mistake, crumbs that usually get thrown were put in a joint. Off to a rave at Donnington, my birthday. On  way home with a real beauty dropped her home. She was upset i didnt want to follow herhome.I should have known right then cos i was a fiend for sex but my mind was elsewhere. I got home and went in my stash. The beginning. 1999 and still selling b. Not making money as profit mostly went on crack which i cant sell anymore. Met a girl. Every stone could have bought my son this and that, apparently. Hey, why dont you try an E? If it dont go in a spliff then i aint inteerested i state. They cost well less and the buzz lasts longer i was informed. If she hadnt been a bible reading homely clean girl i would have taken no notice at all. However, i got 4 E a 20 bag ov weed, and a couple bottles ov wicked. Not so cheap after all. Oh, and some candles. Well the music went on, the candles lit, and an E was popped. I began to dance, she left me to it. After i dont know how long i heard a berrraaaa! I turned to see my babe in loose bottoms a boob tube and fully made up body glitter and all. Wow!
We danced, i told her i love her, we stared through candle light and dropped anothet E. At the end of the night i wondered why i was only learning about this drug now. I had the most intense feelings of love and pleasure i had ever known.
The drugs could not remedy the fact that although i had love for this girl we just were not compatible. A month later we were through.
I met a girl i occasionally served. We got close. One night i tried to recreate my nights of ecstaacy with her, so got the ingredients. At the peak of the high i am dancing naked while she pulls out a piece of foil with heroin burned onto it, she didnt like the high and wanted to come down. I had sold h for about 15 years, it was something i would never do, after seeing customers in all kinds of negative situations, it did not take a genius to know this is a drug not to be fucked with.
This night though i said to the girl to give me a blowback. Before i knew it i am in my stash putting gear on the foil and smoking like a goodun.
Anyway, i ended up selling my car, my house, everything i got throughdrugs i lost to drugs, karma yes.
Those goddamn little pills. I took ten years of my life trying to get off h. Now i am back where i began, just smoking crack. No booze no weed no women just crack on payday. One day i will get off crack but not today cos i am waiting for a dealer as i write. Seeyah


2 thoughts on “Crack, pills and smack, and back to crack

  1. I hope that someday, you find a safe way out of the cycle of drugs and money. I often find myself wondering where I would be if I ever gave any of the above mentioned drugs a chance. They grab hold of you, manipulating your life. Don’t forget you have the power to take control back. It definitely ain’t easy, but hopefully its worth it.

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