world cup

What a match i watched earlier on. Almost everybody expected Spain to beat Holland comfortably. I had my money, literally, on Holland though as I had lost a pound b4 picking Cameroon to beat Mexico. Instead of paying my son i challenged him to double or quits which he accepted laughing as he shook my hand saying, “I’m having Spain”. Holland have got a good team and with RVP up front, they can score goals I said. He left after 20 mins to attend a presentation at the Etihad Stadium and missed the game of the tournament so far. To see Van Persie flying through the air spectacularly scoring the equalizer just before half time was a sight to behold. Any goalscorer appreciated the thrill of scoring that goal, and most would say that the World Cup has really begun now. My boy arrived home after the game but he knew the result, 5-1 Holland. We are quits, but I stressed the need for him to watch a replay of the game because it was full of incident, quality goals, near misses, great saves bad tackles, dives and the obligatory Torres missed sitter. What has happened to that kid since he left Liverpool? Anyway the World Cup has truly begun, and later today it is the turn of England……….. ! C,MON!!!!


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