Happy Addict

Nearly 3am and sat thinking and writing and smoking. When I am writing I can take a hit and then leave it alone for an hour or more. This is virtually impossible usually as you tend to want another hit after another. That leads to being wired so you want more and more. Now though with the distraction of words i can take time and bring myself down gradually without thinking about it too much. So I can glance at the table and see a few more hits left, this makes me feel good. I might make a cup of tea and have a cigarette before I go  back to the stone. Everything,  almost is good in my world right now. I am happy. Not often I get to experience that feeling although these last few months I have noticed that I am going through a spell where most things have been going in my favor. I seem to go through cycles in life that are not of my doing. Kama? What goes around comes around? Life is good right now. My children are good. Just thought, hey don’t tempt fate. Take each day, be thankful and try not to dwell. Enjoy, pray and move on, time for a brew and then,  we’ll u know I am smiling as I end this post. Thank you for reading and I wish you happiness


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