Got to let it go

It plays daily on my pitiful mind, so I hide from myself, to myself i am kind.

As smoke gently curls round my empty room, I hit and I hit i chase away the gloom.

I tell myself stories as I gaze at the moon, I don’t worry bout nothing especially my health, I treat myself good I am kind to myself. It’s all about something you might think I would know that nothing will change until I let go.

I stupidly thought I had discovered the way to bury my pain. So I hit and I hit again and again. Feeling tremendous i spent everything and more, as all through the night I would score and score but when I woke the next night I wondered what it was for. The pain was still there in the pit of my soul i need to learn how  to let go.

Now I had added to my woe, something more tangible and distinct, I wanted more was all I could think. What a fool was i, as I sit here thinking and see my reflection in the glass from which I was drinking. I want more pain so I smoke some more tell me what the he’ll am I doing it for. I punish myself daily cos now I am addicted to pain I call it the devil you call it crack cocaine. It will never stop i suppose most of you know until I learn to let go. It’s buried deep deep inside of me but if i want to be free i have to let it go.


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